Our Profile

Rasatak  is an AISA registered company which has been established in 2012 by a group young Afghan engineers in order to provide advanced mobile services in Afghanistan.

With the advent of the third and fourth generations of mobile phones, it is possible to provide a variety of services to customers of telecommunications networks. As one of the VAS providers, Rasatak plans to provide a wide range of VAS services for telecommunication networks. This service includes a complete and diverse range of services in various sectors, including visual, music, educational, games, entertainment, and etc. that takes into account the interests and tastes of customers in telecommunication networks.

Our Services

Mobile Solutions

Mobile phones serve as one of the most exciting examples we have of the transformational benefits of technology today. As mobile phone technology is utilized within developed and emerging economies .for geting click here

IVR Services

We offer efficient IVR services to our customers that help in improving their business. Being one of the IVR providers, we practice high ethics so that you get the best services from us.

SMS Based Services

Rasatak provides BULK SMS and Single SMS to it’s customers for the better marketing and promotional goals that would bring a big impact in business.


Our applications and services are a collection of widely used applications in the field of VAS services. These applications include various topics like Games, movies, music and etc.

Credit Loan Service

This is a service where the prepaid customers can get airtime in advance when they run out of airtime and payback later when they top up.

Banking Solutions

Our banking solutions and services enable customers of banks to access all banking facilities from any of the bank branches across the country, regardless of which one is their home branch.

Our Products

Attendance Devices

Attendance devices are one of the best tools for managing traffic and the presence of human resources in organizations that facilitate attendance.

Point of Sale (POS)

The new generation of shopping malls will meet all the needs of managers and business owners in this area and make the sale very convenient and fast.

Access Control Gate

The access control gates, along with the ability to fully monitor and control the movement and traffic of personnel and visitors, will reduce the use of manpower and reduce costs.

Our Partners