Mobile solution

New Opportunities for Governments and Citizens

Citizens across the world increasingly turn to mobile technology as their main source for news, information and connecting with others.

These advances in technology are also raising citizens’ expectations on how to connect with their government. Long lines to receive governmental services are perceived as outmoded or even repressive. Governments must reach out to citizens in innovative ways in order to streamline administrative processes, facilitate accessibility and improve the quality of their services, including law enforcement.

Company Solution:

Every company requires its own unique mobility solution. MSS has developed large, multi-site deployment strategies and can help determine the right deployment strategy for your company. AT&T will help you achieve a smooth roll out of your mobility solutions by providing deployment services such as device procurement, staging and kitting, device shipping to your end users, and a post-deployment advance exchange program.

Mobile Solutions

where and when it is needed most, in the hands of your sales force. Anytime anywhere business
Mobile solution is a complete sales force automation and route accounting software solution that provides mobile workers with the ability to create sales transactions, manage inventory, plan customer visit schedules and take surveys from any Windows Mobile device. The solution is an ideal solution for Mobile Orders, Route Sales, Trade Show Sales, Direct store Delivery and Mobile Surveys. The Mobile puts customer, product and sales information from the ERP

Provide employees mobile access to critical information:

By now, you probably know that you can increase efficiencies and better integrate your business processes with your remote workers if you have a mobile system set up in your organization. After all, could Federal Express do its business as well as it does if it didn’t have a mobile data solution?