Our Services

Mobile phones serve as one of the most exciting examples we have of the transformational benefits of technology today. As mobile phone technology is utilized within developed and emerging economies alike, the opportunities for improved communication, information-sharing, Business Growth and learning are tremendous.
For Afghans, this enhanced ability to be better connected translates directly into enhanced opportunities to improve incomes, livelihoods and economic empowerment in general.
RasaTak works with Afghan Government and non-Government Organizations and companies in developing new market reach throughout Afghanistan, aiming to transform the forms of communication between enterprises and their Audience and customers.

Credit Loan Service

This is a service where the prepaid customers can get airtime in advance when they run out of airtime and payback later when they top up.

Loans are provided on request via mobile phone in line with pre-determined limits and repaid automatically from the next salary or regular payment to the users’ mobile accounts. This ensures lower risk and lower interest rates, and avoids accumulation of interest unlike payday loans. The users are also offered non-cash credit to pay for services such as utilities where wholesale discounts enable further interest reduction and make the loans very affordable for the users.

SMS-Based Services

SMS is one of the most important VAS services. Telecom Companies receive profit from message they send to customers.

With the production and provision of sending SMS to customers, Rasatak has partnered with telecom companies, and by creating an SMS production platform, it creates SMS services for telecom companies.

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Browse our exciting new collection of apps that offer you the best collection of on-the-go entertainment, movies, music, games and is your one-stop destination to manage your Idea accounts.

E-Store: Movies and serials, Cooking, Educational Videos, Bekhand Application, Podcast, Motivational and inspirational videos

Golden Apps: Pele, Footbaliga, Shootbal, Melodi

Saba Apps: Training of Holy Quran, Artistic Application

IVR Services

Voice Services for World Cup: This service includes predictions of football results, football ballots, recorded schedules, teams introduction and sports analysis, and so on.

Music Service: In this service, there are different categories of music according to the tastes of subscribers and subscribers can hear to unlimited music with different categories.

Zehne Bartar: The purpose of this service is to measure the mental abilities of subscribers using math calculations.

CRBT: In this service, subscribers can listen to the latest and most popular songs on their cellphone and hear the corresponding CRBT code and then activate it.