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Call Me Back

offers subscribers the possibility to make calls even when they are out of airtime or have a low balance. The caller will receive an “Out of Balance” SMS notification and a missed call is sent to the intended subscriber (B Party) to notify him that the A party is trying to reach him.

Back to Coverage

is a solution that enables an “Out Of Coverage” subscriber to notify his callers once he is reconnected to the network by sending them a “Back To Coverage” SMS as soon as he/she becomes reachable.

Collect Call

With Collect Call, mobile subscribers can send requests to other subscribers asking them to accept a call at their own expense. Once the recipient approves, the call is connected and the recipient is charged for the call (reverse charging).

Split Call

With Split Call, mobile subscribers can request to split the call fees with other subscribers. This can be requested passively during the normal call flow or via a USSD request prior to the call establishment. The recipient receives an audio notification that the caller is requesting him/her to pay for half of the call. Once the recipient approves, the call is connected and the recipient is charged for half of the airtime fees.

Call Signature

Call Signature is a call management service that allows mobile users to create personalized content and share it on their friends’ phone screen, in the form of a pre-call pop-up notification, while calling them or receiving a call from them.

Introduce Me

"Introduce Me” is a Call Management service that allows a mobile user to introduce and identify himself to his callers through a pop up notification that will appear on the called party’s screen while the phone is ringing.

Emergency Credit

Emergency Credit allows zero balance customers to automatically acquire airtime credits. The service would therefore reduce the lost “call opportunity”. If qualified, Zero balance customers, will automatically receive an Emergency Credit (amount determined by the Operator).

Micro Credit Lending

Micro Credit Lending service allows subscribers who do not have enough credits to undertake any mobile activity (make a call, send an SMS, renew or subscribe to a service or data bundle), can now qualify to a Micro Credit Loan.

Data Lending

Data Lending allows subscribers with 0 data quota to automatically acquire new internet bundles and be connected again. Such bundles are offered based on a set of criteria fulfilled by the subscriber.


My RBT (Ring Back Tone) platform allows subscribers to substitute the traditional ring tone for a more vibrant one and greet their callers with a more entertaining and customized tune of their choice.

Story RBT

It is an innovative service that allows mobile subscribers to use their own videos or stories to replace the standard ring back tones when a call is set up. Story RBT will allow Mobile Operators to offer a new medium for self-expression while increasing revenues and maintaining customer base.

Sponsored Call

A new advertisement channel for Mobile Operators that would attract new and existing corporate customers as well as directly increasing the Operator revenue and customer satisfaction. Sponsored Calls allows mobile operators to introduce a small advertisement for mobile subscribers in exchange of free or reduced rate airtime minutes.

Marketing Suite

All in one marketing solution that enables Mobile Operators to monetize and optimize their inventory through a multichannel AD-Server ensuring conversion rates 3 to 5 times higher than other mobile advertising channels.


M-Analytics is a Smart Profiling Platform that allows Mobile Operators to fully exploit their data value, by giving them the opportunity to effectively manage, process, analyze and segment the data of their subscribers.


Utilizing our M-Analytics platform, M-Rewards is a targeted advertising solution that allows Mobile Network Operators to further monetize calls through ad profits, using their existing technology at Zero Cost! It also provides advertisers with the opportunity to directly connect with their intended audience.

MCID (Caller ID)

MCID service allows users to get detailed information about their caller, along with the usual caller ID identification.MCID works offline through a new caching mechanism and through SMS channel; it also makes every call secure and helps users maintain their day to day privacy.

Parental Control

Parental control helps subscribers restricting the access of content to their children. It offers parents a variety of monitoring and reporting features. Parental control will give you detailed reports about what they are doing and offers a dashboard that shows you all recent mobile activity, including time spent on specific apps; this will allow you to customize precisely what content your kids should have access to.


M-Government is a Business Support Solution that centralizes the government’s database and provides a complete visibility on real time data. It allows governments to monitor their progress across a variety of data sets in real-time while enhancing their citizen experience.


M-Challenge offers online gaming, contests and competitions specially designed for mobile subscribers across the globe:

Mobile Gaming Portal: A cross-platform, highly customizable portal, offering a wide variety of premium games for Single player or Multiplayer gaming.

SMS Gaming Competitions: A wide variety of SMS winning games based on Premium SMS delivered to a short code number.

Mobile Apps

Self-Care Applications: Mobile Self-Care application allows Mobile Operators to establish a trustworthy connection with users having different devices or operating systems, improve their customer experience and reduce customer care cost.

Catch Me App: Catch Me is an application designed to help group members stay in touch or keep them safe. The app allows users to manage and track their family members’ visited places or online habits across different devices and network connections and grants them the opportunity to communicate together even if they’re using different operating systems.